Institutes, Associations and Schools

European Graduate School (EGS) Switzerland, Offers MA and PhD programs

Irish Association of Creative Arts Therapists

International Expressive Arts Therapy Association


Expressive Arts Therapy - Appalachian State University


Expressive Arts Toronto

Expressive Arts Vancouver

Expressive Arts San Diego

Expressive Arts Basel


Reading List 


Principles and Practice of Expressive Arts Therapy: Toward a Therapeutic Aesthetics

By Paolo J. Knill


Minstrels of Soul: Intermodal Expressive Therapy

By Paolo J. Knill, Helen Nienhaus Barba, Margo N. Fuchs


Foundations of Expressive Arts Therapy: Theoretical and Clinical Perspective

From Jessica Kingsley Pub


Poiesis: The Language of Psychology and the Speech of the Soul

By Stephen K. Levine


Trauma, Tragedy, Therapy: The Arts and Human Suffering

By Stephen K. Levine



Integrating the Arts in Therapy: History, Theory, and Practice

By Shaun McNiff