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We offer a number of workshops for children and adults that can take place in various schools, libraries and festivals.


Testimonials :


"I just want to thank you both for the wonderful work you did with our Senior students before Easter. I was talking to the teachers and students today and they were really happy with the day. The students loved hearing Boaz telling his story and were inspired to create their own stories under your expert guidance. The workshop was a great success. To see the students' smiling faces as they retold me their stories today, two weeks later, was wonderful. The stories develop their imagination and creativity but also encouraged them to use their memory, an area that for some of our students can be difficult.

We were very encouraged by the work you did and hope to develop storytelling as a skill within the school over the next few weeks.  

I wish you continued success in your work and look forward to a return visit." 


Yours sincerely

Colette Bruton


Storymaking workshops held in Kilkenny Library Service during the Kilkenny Arts Festival Facilitated by Boaz Zur.


"I was approached by Boaz and Vered Zur from Expressive Arts Ireland with the offer of storymaking workshops in The City Library, John’s Quay, Loughboy and Castlecomer Libraries in August 2012.


Each workshop lasted approximately 1 hour and consisted of 4 parts: 

1.Boaz and Vered recounted a simple fairy tale. Vered acted out parts of the story while Boaz told the story. 

2.Using the story they had told, Boaz and Vered explained how  stories are  constructed in 6 parts. They identified the 6 parts of the story they had told so that the children understood how the idea of a storyboard worked.

3.The children were then given A3 blank white sheets and this was divided into the 6 parts of a story. The children then followed the storyboard and drew the bones of their own story. 

4.The children told their stories using their own storyboards.


The ages of the children who took part in the workshops varied from 8-12 year old, boys and girls. Numbers in each workshop varied from 6 to 12 children.

The workshops highlighted the technical aspects of making a story. The children were probably unaware of the 6 aspects even though they would have experienced stories being told prior to this. It was a very easy and enjoyable way to make the children aware of how to construct a story. All the children engaged with the workshops, though a few were shy of telling their own stories.

From the comments of the children who took part and their parents I would consider that the workshops were successful. 


Boaz and Vered were very professional in their approach to the event. They were open, kind and encouraging to the children. I felt that the children were learning the rudiments of storymaking through play and enjoyment. I felt that the workshops could be adapted to suit any age group and would be very useful for art, creative writing and storymaking."


            Brenda Ward, 

            Asst. Librarian

           12th October 2012.

Storytelling with Expressive Arts Workshop:


We offer a number of workshops for children and adults that can take place in various schools, libraries and festivals.


Expressive Arts Ireland is involved with drama and storytelling programmes, which offer people the opportunity to develop their own creativity and raise self-esteem. The use of drama, theatre, and creative writing processes can achieve healthy psychological growth and bring some light and change to people’s lives.

These workshops will be a space to create and explore the arts in a non-judgmental environment. It is open to all and can be useful for children and adults. Our programmes aim to facilitate workshops for all the community.


o   We believe that healing can come through the processes of art making.

o   Human beings are creative beings; we can shape and make our own existence.

o   In this workshop you will be invited to use all your senses, working with storytelling and story making using movement, drawing, poetry, music, sound, and more...

o   Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time. It is a time to play with words, creative writing and story making.


o   Arts and imagination can build a world in which your story can evolve, expressing and exploring feelings.


This can help to explore ideas that we all can be creative people. This can improve self-confidence and can help developing social and relationship skills. 


Storytelling is a universal, traditional art form that has featured strongly in all cultures and in the Irish tradition to this present time. The workshops could be adapted to suit any age group and would be very useful to work in schools and in library space, close to books and life stories. 


The workshops will highlight the technical aspects of making a story. It is very enjoyable way to make adult and children groups aware of how to construct a story.


As two facilitators we can offer you workshops specially designed for your needs.  



Expressive Arts Camp for Youth:


you are welcome to contact us and book for an existing groups in Ireland.


Dublin, Kilkenny, Cork and further afield.  


Making Friends and Keeping Friends: One Week Expressive Arts Summer Camp.


Expressive Arts Camp offers children and teenagers the opportunity to experiment with a wide range of artistic medias. The visual arts, poetry, movement and drama, as well as music come together to support the unfolding of each child's imagination and creativity.


The staff includes Expressive Arts Therapists and teachers who are licensed professionals. All staff have specialized training, experience and interest in the area of children and the creative process.


Why Self-Expression and Creativity?

Unlike traditional school settings, the Expressive Arts Camp encourages children to create from the inside out. By tapping into their dreams and imaginations, they begin to give form to their feelings and experiences. This multi-modal approach engages children's curiosity and fosters a sense of self. By integrating different arts processes and allowing one to flow into another children experience success and their self-esteem blossoms.


The camp encourages personal growth, self-confidence and creative cooperation.

Please email for booking at

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